A great time in St.Malo

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 On Monday morning girls and teachers met up again after a lovely Sunday with host families to exchange stories and share experiences. Then it was time for the first French lessons!

The girls learnt about French culture and discussed the programme for the week with their teachers before they got a small surprise at break time. It was Georgia Leaf’s birthday on Sunday, which we celebrated with pains au chocolat for all and a little treat for the birthday girl!

Lessons begin
To the Fort!









After lessons we had a picnic in a park just outside the city walls before we had a tour of the ramparts. Afterwards there was some time to eat ice cream or try the famous crêpes. Then we walked out to the Fort National, where we got to hear stories about the British attacks on St. Malo.

During the tour the sun came out, so we spent some time on the beach before returning to the city centre for some free time. The girls all enjoyed a little bit of shopping or a bit to eat. All in all, a very successful first day of the trip!